The Forgotten Gift

The Forgotten Gift

The Best Offline Relationship Building Tool on the Planet

Sheryl was fishing around in her handbag for the keys to her car. She heard the jingle, and found them. Along with the key came up a piece of paper that looked like had been in the depths of her bag for months. “What’s this?”

She looked at the warn scrawl and was able to make out the words. With a gasp she remembered that’s where that reminder had gone. She was supposed to buy a thank you gift for a client and, although she’d written the reminder note, had forgotten all about it. Now what was she to do?

Driving mindlessly home from the office thinking she should make the stop to buy the gift and the card,  but everyone was waiting dinner for her at home. Stressed from the day, stressed about forgetting the thank you, stress was coming at her from every direction.

Dinner was a whirl, done on auto-pilot and over in a flash. Her teenaged kids each had an activity that evening. She was grateful that her eldest was now driving and could function as carpooler leaving her gratefully at home alone with hubby, Bob, to unwind.

Bob started to tell her about an interesting experience from the day when she interrupted him to tell him about finding the lost piece of paper and the long overdue gift.

Bob took her by the hand saying, “Hon, I think what I saw today is going to help. You remember Jean from my office? She showed me this terrific online system that going to make your gift problem go away… tonight. Here, sit with me at the computer.”

Sheryl complied as Bob opened a screen on the computer asking what kind of card she needed. “A simple thank you would be great, and maybe another that says ‘Sorry I’m So Late Getting This Out to You!’”

He chuckled showing Sheryl how the system worked and scanning the screen for the right card. She pointed to one she like, he clicked on it. It was perfect, a belated thank you card with a sad puppy dog face on the cover. Another click and they were looking at the inside of the card which said, “I’d have gotten this to you sooner, but the dog ate my homework.” It was cute and would be well received by her client. Bob showed her how to add a short written note and a way for her to sign the card.

“Bob, what is this system you found?”

“Wait, honey, the best is yet to come.” He clicked another couple of buttons and there was an array of gourmet edible gifts, stuffed animals, books and book marks, jewelry, kitchen gadgets and a ton more. She giggled with delight and, after shopping a while, settled on the two pack of chocolate brownies in the upgraded custom-made, oatmeal-colored gift box, tied with a brown ribbon. It was just perfect.

She entered the name and address of her client and Bob clicked a couple more times and the screen said, “Your Card and Gift have been sent.”

Bob told her the story of how Jean had showed him this system just today and he signed up for it. A standard 7” x 5” two panel card was only $1.17 plus postage. With the smartphone app he was going to be able to take pictures of his client’s properties, put the picture on the cover of a card and get it mailed before he left the driveway of their house.

Sheryl’s mind began racing. She could use this in her wealth building/insurance business. A thank you note from her with her prospect’s picture on the card would go a long way to building a solid lasting relationship.

Bob, got a big hug and kiss from his bride. Some days it all comes together in spite of it all.

By the way, that system really does exist. Just think of the ways you could save time and money and build better relationships with your customers or dormant clientele. Hey, maybe you could send a card to a family member or friend in need.

How about test driving the system by sending a couple of cards on us. Yup, you read right two cards and we’ll pay for them both. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the response. and click on the Send a Card button.