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The Place Where We Grow

From whence did we come, And, to where will we go? In the midst of it all is The part where we grow. ~R. H. Lelchuk #rhlelchuk #wheredowecomefrom #wherearewegoing #grow #growth #inspiration #motivation #thought #thoughtprovoking #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment


Enough With The Trash Talk Already

On Loud Speaker She couldn’t believe her ears. The constant barrage of the most uncomplimentary trash talk was totally embarrassing. The mild mannered meek receiver stood there and took the insults. She wondered why it was tolerated. The relentless fault finding, criticism, blaming, chastising and mocking...


Say It, Feel It, Rinse It and Repeat It!

Affirmations – The Access to Altering Your Sub-Conscious Most of us are aware of the two minds operating within each of us – the conscious and the sub-conscious minds. The conscious mind is reading this blog post right now. The sub-conscious mind is providing little opinions...