SendOutCards for Realtors – Listing

You see FSBO’s and Expired’s all over your neighborhood and know that you are just one of many Realtors who have approached the owner directly… and that’s usually means you’re just one in a crowd. Not very inspiring or memorable, is it?

You have to be unique, memorable in a crowded field. Being unique will not only give you the advantage, but increase your bank account! And, everyone wants that.

Here’s a Simple Technique

Here is a simple technique you can use to get your face in front of an owner repeatedly without rejection:
Send a series of greeting and post cards with various helpful tips to help an owner sell their property. It’s easy, affordable and automated.

Of course this has been done before, and it is really nothing new.
However, HOW this is gets done today is new.

Imagine an online system that would physically mail a 4 card campaign series dripping on an owner over a month with helpful selling tips.

Here’s the sequence:

First card is a two panel card with a picture of the FSBO or Expired property on the cover. Imagine the surprise of an owner opening a greeting card they received in the mail and seeing a picture of their property on the cover! Inside is an introduction about you and your company, with a picture of yourself, and, most importantly, sharing some excellent points on selling without a Realtor. And, of course, you are always available for further assistance and consultation.

Cards two through four. For the next 3 weeks a postcard arrives with your picture and more helpful sales tips. The last postcard in the series might mention you’ll be stopping by next time you’re in the neighborhood. Now, when you show up to the property you are known by the owner on sight.

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Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Share

  • How to best stage the interior of the property;
  • Sprucing up and maintaining the exterior;
  • Key words to put into an ad;
  • Best time and how to conduct an open house;
  • Advice to use a real estate attorney to draw up a contract;
  • Tips on getting buyers financed, etc., etc., etc.
  • Add your own special helpful tip.

Usually an owner is so overwhelmed with the intricacies of a selling transaction that your tips, although helpful, will not affect your ability to get the property listing when their frustration level is reached. You are the one the owner will remember!

Once this campaign is set up in the system all you need to do is take a picture of the property, load it onto the first card, enter the owners name and address and press send. The system will automatically send the cards over the times you specify. It’s easy and effective for less than $4.00 per campaign. (Actually, it’s $3.85.)

This campaign strategy is only one technique you can use to get your name in front of prospect or seek referral from past clients.

Here’s what there is to do next. Let’s set up a time to talk so I can demonstrate the system for you and get a sample card on its way to you.
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