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Welcome to Lynn and Rick’s Infinite Possibilities Blog, we’re glad you’re here.

It is our hope that you find Infinite Value and Limitless Possibilities in what is published here already, and what is yet to come. It is our promise to you to provide inspiring, motivational and empowering content that is both insightful and usable.

We believe that personal development and self improvement is a life-long pursuit brought on by the human side of our existence. Since spirit has the answers and ego has a tendency to get in the way of that reveal, we’re here to assist peeling away those layers.

So, how did we get together? Funny you should ask. We met when Rick sat across the table from Lynn to register for the Landmark Forum in 1994 in Hialeah, Florida (a suburb of Miami). We didn’t know it then, but our paths had converged then and have remained as one since. OK, it was a little iffy at the beginning, but as time went on the handwriting was on the wall and the deep commitment developed.

We did it all backwards. After a period of dating and becoming good friends we lived together and then bought a house together. Attending a Landmark Wisdom Course cruise in Alaska together, we called that our honeymoon, and did officially tie the knot in August of 2001.

Just as we made a commitment to each other so many years ago, we’re going to make a commitment to you, our readers. Too many blogs suffer from inattention and neglect. You visit a blog and the last entry is 2 years old. We promise to you that will not happen here. Lynn and Rick’s Infinite Possibilities will remain fresh and viable with new and relevant posts every week.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this blog, comment on the posts and return here often. We are always open to and want to hear your points of view. Please, suggest a post on a topic of personal development that might be of interest to you. Complete the form below and not only will we’ll we remind you when a new post is made we’ll sweeten the deal by giving you a free affirmation video for your personal use.

Thanks ever so much for being a part of our Infinite Possibilities Family.